About this blog

Hi, my name is Michael, i’m buying used jeans of good brands and resell it. I’m doing this as a hobby, with very small profit but it gives me satisfaction.

Very often jeans made xx years back was made with better materials, it’s not conspiracy theory, it’s the fact. You can hear sometimes from different people that they had pair of jeans since 20 years when new pair after 2 years is starting to rip. This trend is common, demands for jeans force jeans manufacturers to look for cheaper and faster way of producing jeans, cheap and fast production leads to use inferior materials and sometimes bypasses quality control.

Price factor. If i will sell jeans for 100 NOK when new one cost 900 NOK or more and condition of my jeans is still very good then you can buy 9 pairs from me for a price of 1 new, you can use is as you like without worry of damaging it.

I’m selling only brand jeans of well known brands or some less known but also very good. All my jeans i washed once in low temperature and iron, it’s ready to use out of package.

If any of my jeans have any damage other than factory distress it is visible on the photos.

Fell free to contact me if have any questions.